Media Appearances

Pink Heart Craft has made its appearances on a few media such as on well known television programs, as well as giving talks to college students.

On May 2015, Pink Heart Craft were invited by rtm to share with the viewers on how to D.I.Y a custom-made pillow. It is a program known as Ekspresi Kreatif D.I.Y hosted by Malaysian Celebrity Host Daphne Iking. Pink Heart Craft slot was aired on Episode 2 Season 1.

Yati on TVi Ekspresi Kreatif  D.I.Y

On November 2015, Pink Heart Craft were given the opportunity by Tv Alhijrah ( program Assalamualaikum slot DIY) to share with the viewers on the step-by-step of how our pilllow is made, as well as promoting our social media site to the viewers.

Our Founder, Yatie with the host of the DIY Segment

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